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For those who care - by ManRepeller

ps : si j'avais voulu parler du dernier épisode de la saison deux, j'aurais dis exactement ça. 


“A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance,” wrote Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, while she tried to complete the insurmountable task of writing an entire book in one day’s time during last night’s season two finale of Girls.
The compulsory feelings of second-hand anxiety for Hannah, sheer defeat for Ray, and questionable discontent for the progress of Charlie and Marnie’s relationship were met with an e-mail series titled“I’ve never rooted for anyone less,” between resident repeller, Mattie Kahn and myself. After all, we indulged in our finale of sorts, too. Below, one last breakdown, breaking down the mental breakdowns the beginning of the end of the dialogue about the fictitious, unraveling twenty-somethings we’ve grown to love and simultaneously hate so violently.

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:31 PM, Mattie Kahn wrote:
(Subject title: I’ve never rooted for anyone less)
Than I’ve rooted for Charlie and Marnie.
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 9:57 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:
Question–Do millions of microbes really live on our skin? I don’t feel satisfied when these episodes end anymore, not in the way I used to at least. Should I chalk it up to Jessa’s phantom presence (I laughed once last night and it was because of the forlorn voicemail Hannah left for her. Jessa would be off, piercing her vagina, wearing a crop top–in that order.)
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:
FINALLY. Was developing a twitch in my left ear drum due to bottled up desire to hash this out with you. Yes. I retract my earlier claim of not missing Jessa. I miss her. And her braids. And her general loathing of convention. Come back!
But obviously the first thing we need to address is that Hannah cut her own hair. (To that end: have you ever thought of your dude as Laird? Is that a troubling thought? It would trouble me.)
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 10:59 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:
I wish she had commissioned my help, I am really good at performing at-home haircuts, see: my head. If she were going for a vibe that says, “I’m the seventh Beatle,” I think Laird did okay. It’s also really important to note that I probably wouldn’t be able to offer the kind of sage advice it seems only Laird is capable of delivering (see: “It is a dark scene inside of your head.”) Her narcissism has become unbearable and just when I thought she was making the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for these last three episodes, (see Laird’s: “I cut myself all the time cleaning up glass,”) there she goes to feed her delusional self-obsessiveness one more time. I am pretty sure Laird was not trying to do her.
You know what else kind of bothered me and I’m not sure why? How has Shoshana still not confessed to having cheated on Ray? I feel like she owes that to him at the very least after likening his existence to that of a monkey living in an ugly ass cage.
I also love Charlie but think he’s a fucking idiot. I really did sadistically enjoy watching Marni admit that it had been a terrible year for her–it didn’t feel fake–but she never actually got to hit rock bottom! It’s like Charlie band-aided the illusion of a wound that hadn’t even really had the chance to bleed. Also, why even mention his money after that reconciliation kiss? What was that?
LAST QUESTION: Do you think Brian Williams fast forwards through her sex scenes?
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:
It’s a special brand of, as you say, self-delusion when someone tries to have an actual conversation with Hannah, but instead she hijacks it and has it with herself. See: the hilarious, but painful “conversation” she has with Jessa’s voice-mail. Don’t most of her dialogues just consist of her using the other person as a glorified answering machine?
The Ray/Shosh thing is murky to navigate. I think it’s pretty indefensible that she didn’t confess her own warped behavior when she spends so long calling him out on his, but I understand why she didn’t. She’s having a “personal renaissance,” and she’d rather not complicate it by actually admitting her wrongdoing. And, by the way, her telling him that she can’t “be the only thing he likes” is like, totally proof of character development! Can’t you imagine an earlier incarnation of our dear, ol’ Shosh who would have loved having a boyfriend worship her exclusively?
Also: who else couldn’t get past the heavy When Harry Met Sally overtones in the climactic Adam/Hannah scene? Were it not for the FaceTime and the shirtlessness, it could have been New Year’s in the 90s. And you know how I feel about New Year’s
(Re: BriWi: I so, so hope so. That is all.)
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:
Well, you know, a really close friend of mine has argued that Lena Dunham is the Nora Ephron of our generation, but I prefer to say that she’s the Lena Dunham of our generation.
The FaceTime moment was funny. Number one because my technical-ass-partner-in-sex was all, “unless Brooklyn has some sort of outstanding WiFi situation that the rest of our boroughs don’t, that phone could not be working while he runs through Bushwick.” I also really appreciated that moment when Adam was yelling at Hannah to open the door and INTO FACETIME SHE SAID, “I don’t want anyone to see me.” Newsflash, Horvath, you’re FaceTiming! That’s the Hannah humor that I love.
While we’re still on the kicker: that shirtless Adam moment seemed very special because I think it really spoke to the events of season 1. Don’t you kind of feel like this episode ended precisely where the show started last year only with…some more meat under the belts of all these protagonists? Jessa is gone (she was coming in the first episode,) Marni is with Charlie (even though she hated him the first time around, that was the status quo), Adam and Hannah are connecting under ambiguous circumstances, and Shoshana is…single. I might be stretching my proverbial dollar kind of far but I think there’s something to that.
Also, per the lede of the episode, why was Natalia even still sexing Adam?
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Mattie Kahn wrote:
Natalia–and Adam’s treatment of her–depresses me. And I know a million and a half point two people are going to call me unenlightened and naive and sexually unadventurous, but that’s how I feel. Sorry, I’m not sorry.
But as for your reasonably stretched dollar:
Last week, I asked whether we’d made any progress since the season’s or even series’ premiere. But this week, I realized that I’d been working with a pretty shabby definition for the word.
The conclusion to which I’ve come is that Girls is rejecting the television version of “progress” in favor of one that rings truer In Real Life. For the show’s fans–and I think it safe to say we’re nothing if not fans–the swap is unsurprising. Isn’t that what Lena is always kind of trying to do?
Progress isn’t about never, ever making the same, heartbreaking mistakes. It’s about being better equipped to handle the fallout when you inevitably do. Whether these four are is certainly up for discussion, but for a more definitive answer, we’re just going to have to wait until Season 3.
But UGH what are we going to talk about until then? How long do you think we can reasonably discuss the evolution of Charlie’s facial hair?
On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:
Frankly, I still want to know what happened to his ex girlfriend’s artisanal selection of mustards.

A retrouver ICI sur le blog originel ! Merci leandra oh merci ! et merci Lena ! A l'année pro-

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