lundi 17 mars 2014

A poster A day, projet graphique

Je suis follement amoureuse de ce projet, cette artiste, ces posters. Chaque jour en rentrant du travail, Alex Proba, designer allemande résidante à NYC, passe 30min à créer un nouveau poster. Comme ça, pour alimenter son unique tumblr de bientôt 365 posters.  

"As a designer it is easy to spent a whole day tweaking just one tiny part of a graphic and it’s also easy to never be pleased with the result. I knew that the only way the project could work would be to give myself a 30 minute time limit. It was challenging for me to do this at first and equally difficult to incorporate into my daily routine. Making a poster is now the last thing I do before I head to bed. It’s like brushing my teeth. "

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